Cioccolato Atalia

The evolution of chocolate

A magic combination of spices, creativity and passion for chocolate.


How you should taste Atalia' s chocolate

If you hear snap when you break it, it's definitely Atalia.

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Chocolate bars

The chocolate shaped in the most practical form. A characteristic design, inspired from the cabosses that hold the cocoa beans, marks Atalia's chocolate.

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Spreadable creams

From bread to sweets. Milk chocolate spreadable creams, with Giffoni's hazelnut or Bronte's pistachio flavor. The extreme consistency of spreadable chocolate.

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Short moments of intense pleasure; Lacrima, moretta, anisetta, Extra virgin olive oil, Gianduja and Fig lonzetta

  1. From orchard to chocolate
  2. Sustainability
  3. Chocolate is good for you

How Atalia's chocolate is born

It is a very long voyage, starting from a cocoa bean and then becoming first of all cocoa, and then delicious chocolate.

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For the defense and the diffusion of high quality chocolate.

Our trips to Ecuador and Mexico where we established relationships with local authorities, specialists and agronomists.

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Properties and benefits of chocolate

It seems like it is even able to lenghten your life...

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