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More than cocoa

Find out all the ingredients that enrich our aromatic cocoas.

The meticulous attention we put in choosing our raw materials, followed by an always close collaboration with the producers of cocoa, hazelnuts, pistachios, fruit, spices and the continuos experimentation of new products and new combinations make Atalia the evolution of chocolate.

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Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, MILK powder, naturl vanilla flavour, saffron. Emulsifier SOYA lechitin. It may contains traces of: PEANUTS.

The product does not contain preservatives or colorants. keep it in a fresh and dry place at a constant temperature between 57.2° F and 68° F.

Energy Kcal 560
Fats 40g
of which Saturates 24g
Carbohydrates 50g
of which sugar 48g
Fibres 1,5g
Proteins 6g
Salt 0,2g


Coffee and Anise

Immediately after water, coffee is the most popular drink on Earth. Many are the preparations, that differ depending on where you live and the traditions a particular territory has. Along with cocoa, it forms a perfectly balanced combination.

The Illicium Verum, or starred Anise, has a tendency of looking sort of reddish and has the usual and characteristic star shape. It's much more refined from the usual anise, it usually comes from Asia, has very characteristic aromatic notes, similar to the ones of the licorice.


Trinitario Cocoa

Grown in the lower part of the Amazon forest, it is an extremely refined and aromatic cocoa, characterized by its high level of cocoa butter. Very rare, it represents almost 10% of the world-wide cocoa and it is used only in the most prestigious productions.

Isola vulcanica Vanuatu Vanuatu's Islands Exotic island of volcanic origins in Oceania from where this special cocoa is produced.

Vanuatu's Cocoa

Vanuatu's Archipelago in Oceania has ancient origins. The cocoa that is produced is grown on this territory, it is very hard to cultivate and has smoky notes. It is very hard to use purely and it is great in order to produce high quality milk chocolate.

Giffoni's Hazelnuts P.G.I. Mark These are high quality hazelnuts, obtained in characteristic areas around the Italian Peninsula that contribute in their unique tastes.

Giffoni's Hazelnuts

This is the queen of all hazelnuts. It's harvested in the Italian province of Salerno, where these lands contribute in creating that unique taste, sweetness and flavor. All these characteristics make it unique and precious. We like using Giffoni's hazelnuts in our chocolate for its rounded shape, the extremely high quality and its long-lasting nature makes it just perfect.

The real Bronte's Pistachio With a characteristic reddish color

Bronte's Pistachio

A very complicated harvest produced every two years from a tree, with a final result that you will never find anywhere around the globe, therefore not only in Europe, but also in the world. The unique emerald color, very shiny, and the amazing and very intense smell that it produces, make this pistachio perfect. The fruit has a characteristic reddish color and it's the only pistachio that easily expresses its aromas without being toasted.

Trapani's Salt P.G.I. Mark Trapani's Salt is an Italian product marked with the "Protected Geographical Indication" mark, since it's only made in the province of Trapani

Trapani's Salt

Mozia's salines, found from the city of Trapani to the town of Marsala, are unique and fascinating. Firstly, salt is harvested by hand during the summer on the water's surface before it sinks. If extremely pure and in the right doses, it has the characteristics of enhancing the aromas and the tasting sensations like no other salt.