Lavorazione Fave Cacao

From the plantation to the actual chocolate

A secret sequence of skillful operations gives birth to Atalia's chocolate.

After being rigorously harvested by hand, twice a year, the Cabosses are finally opened by farmers, with delicate and precise hits using a machete.

Nothing would make us think that those white-ish seeds inside the fruit would one day become an amazing chocolate bar.

The monkeys in the forest, when they manage to steal one, they immediately eat the exterior and throw away the main seed, since at that moment it is way too bitter. They surely do not know what they are missing!

At this particular moment, the fruit from the cocoa plant tastes nothing like final cocoa.

The beans have to firstly ferment in order to allow those aromas to finally kick in. The more traditionally oriented farmers ferment cocoa, wrapped in banana leaves, some in natural fiber bags, while others in wooden crates.

Fermentation is hands down the most important stage of production, it last several days, depending on the quality of cocoa and the traditions that farmers have. If you make a mistake during this precise stage of productions, the final cocoa will be way to bitter and won't have any aroma. Lots of engineers and scientists are now, however, trying to find new methods, and as a consequence, new solutions.

The fermented cocoa loses its sugary taste and starts its journey to finally become a chocolate bar or praline.
Cocoa now has to lose its humidity, therefore it is dehydrated on large containers facing the sun for a few days, depending on its intensity. Cocoas have to be dried perfectly, a sudden rain can easily ruin everything that has been done up to that point. That's why, as soon as it starts raining, tarpaulins or in the best and luckiest cases roofings are immediatelly placed.

Cocoas are later dehydrated completely and than roasted at temperatures of about 100/120 degrees for 30/40 minutes, depending on the result you want to get. In the air you can finally taste the aroma that we all love.

Immediately after roasting, the outer skin of the bean becomes brittle and is blown away, the rest, once heated, turns into the final cocoa mass, ready for the amazing and delicious preparations.

It's time for the imagination. The chocolate makers of the whole land mix the cocoa mass, the real 100% cocoa, with aromas, sugar, powdered milk, dried fruit, using precise technical passages.

The aromatic is the king of all cocoas, it comes from the Trinitario or Criollo original "logs", that were transformed throughout the years, giving birth to many unique combinations.

This is the cocoa used in Atalia's preparations, has hundreds of aromatic sensations, it is well-rounded, not bitter at all, perfectly melts with your body temperature, lasts in your mouth for about 30/40 minutes, a real pleasure to the palate.

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