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Orange and Cinnamon

The chocolate bar with a unique and elegant feminine characteristic

Chocolate bar with a unique aroma of Orange and Cinnamon Chocolate bar with a unique aroma of Orange and Cinnamon The unique texture The extremely original texture inspired from beans and cocoa plants, the uniqueness of Atalia's chocolate bars.

Chocolate bar with a unique aroma of Orange and Cinnamon

A particular chocolate bar produced with a unique blend of Criollo and Trinitario cocoas, enriched with a natural aroma of Orange and Ceylon's Cinnamon. It shows itself with a typical mahogany color and a glazed look. Very intense primary aroma, the secondary is mainly of spices.

Data and
values (100g)

Extra Dark Chocolate 75% Orange and Cinnamon
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Lenght: 18 months
  • Energy: Kcal 576 - Kj 2387
  • Fats 45g (of which sugars 28g)
  • Carbohydrates 29g (of which sugars 10g)
  • Fibres 9.7g
  • Proteins 8g
  • Salt 0.03g
The aroma coming from the Orange Starting from the Ancient Eastern World, the orange tree is a plant cultivated in China. Ceylon's Cinnamon Is obtained from a Sri Lankan shrub, the most used parts are the barks of the stem and some dried twigs..

Orange and Cinnamon

The essential oil coming from the orange is derived from the outer peel with a subsequent centrifugation. It has lots of antioxidant polyphenols, very useful to our immune system.

Ceylon's Cinnamon is hands down the most prestigious out of all, very aromatic, it has a much fresher but at the same time less sweet aroma, if compared to other varieties.

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We don't use Forastero cocoa because... It is a particular type of cocoa with very weak aromas, very high acidity, very little tasting persistence, generally used to prepare lower quality products.
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