Header Trapani's Salt Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 72%

Trapani's Salt

A moltiplication of flavors thanks to its salty note

Trapani's Salt Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 72% Texture Atalia The unique texture The extremely original texture inspired from beans and cocoa plants, the uniqueness of Atalia's chocolate bars.

Trapani's Salt Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 72%

Surprising Chocolate Bar with Trinitario aromatic cocoa and Trapani's Salt, it is characterized by its very intense primary aroma of cocoa and a pleasing note of salt in the background, perfect match for a wonderful chocolate bar.

Data and
values (100g)

Extra Dark Chocolate 72% with Trapani's Salt
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Lenght: 18 months
  • Energy: Kcal 544 - Kj 2257
  • Fats 39g (Di cui grassi saturi/of which sugars 24g)
  • Carbohydrates 31g (of which sugars 15g)
  • Fibres 9.7g
  • Proteins 10g
  • Salt 0.03g
Trapani's Salt P.G.I. Mark Trapani's Salt is an Italian product marked with the "Protected Geographical Indication" mark, since it's only made in the province of Trapani

Trapani's Salt

Mozia's salines, found from the city of Trapani to the town of Marsala, are unique and fascinating. Firstly, salt is harvested by hand during the summer on the water's surface before it sinks. If extremely pure and in the right doses, it has the characteristics of enhancing the aromas and the tasting sensations like no other salt.