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Hazelnut Spreadable Cream

The extreme consistency of a hazelnut cream

Giffoni's Hazelnuts Spreadable Cream

Giffoni's Hazelnuts Spreadable Cream

A particular type of spreadable cream with a high percentage of Giffoni's hazelnut paste, considered the oldest hazelnut in the whole Italian territory, whose first historical use is dated back to 2500 years ago. Thanks to its amazing consistency it allows the spredable cream to be simply perfect. The unique aroma of the hazelnut is blended perfectly with cocoa.

Data and
values (100g)

Hazelnuts Cream 50% (percentage hazelnut)
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Lenght: 18 months
  • Energy: Kcal 552 - Kj 2301
  • Fats 33g (of which sugars 3.3g)
  • Carbohydrates 48g (of which sugars 48g)
  • Fibres 3.3g
  • Proteins 14g
  • Salt 0.06g
Giffoni's Hazelnuts P.G.I. Mark These are high quality hazelnuts, obtained in characteristic areas around the Italian Peninsula that contribute in their unique tastes.

Giffoni's Hazelnuts

This is the queen of all hazelnuts. It's harvested in the Italian province of Salerno, where these lands contribute in creating that unique taste, sweetness and flavor. All these characteristics make it unique and precious. We like using Giffoni's hazelnuts in our chocolate for its rounded shape, the extremely high quality and its long-lasting nature makes it just perfect.